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What is LingoFox?

LingoFox is a software that enables the production of exercises, lexis, orthography, syntax or reading comprehension from computer readable texts. The software is applicable for German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and many other languages.

After a detailed analysis the program provides information about the text which enables the teacher to determine the difficulty level and to decide on its precise usage in learning groups. Furthermore the texts can be compared either with external word lists or with ones already integrated into the program.

It also makes it possible to find sample sentences on grammatical themes or areas, which can then be processed for exercises. Due to the large quantity of texts available in the Internet, the variety, recentness and authenticity - as requested by the common European Framework - are guaranteed, without considering if it concerns texts in German, English, French, Spanish or other foreign languages.

The user interface of LingoFox resembles a typical word-processing document, for example WORD, and its numerous typical functions (formatting, frames, charts, pictures, etc. ). Those who prefer working with WORD can of course insert the worksheet directly into it and continue working. LingoFox uses not only texts, but it also creates exercises with word lists (e.g word search, spelling, etc.).

Who is LingoFox suitable for?

LingoFox is suitable for all those who deal with the teaching and learning of languages - ideal for teachers who like to introduce their own materials into lessons. But also students, their parents, and adult learners, who want to deepen their knowledge through self study exercises, will find LingoFox a useful and easy-to-use tool. Some of the exercises can also be useful for other subjects (i.e. Physics, Biology, Geography etc.).

LingoFox is also a valuable help in primary schools thanks to the lists of the words to learn. Also thanks to the various possibilities of creating and including images and pictures according to one's personal taste, exercises can also be prepared that are suitable for children. The difficulty level of an exercise can be changed with a simple mouse click to four different levels. (Inner distinction).

LingoFox and the German Language

LingoFox contains almost the entire german vocabulary. It is possible to automatically lemmatize german texts (to bring it back to its basic form) and find grammatical and lexical information about single words (necessary for preparing specific exercises) with a computer-linguistic analyze.

LingoFox and Other Languages

Word lists are also contained for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Latin (from 39.000 ... 210.000 conjugated and declined forms), that can be changed and upgraded at any time. So word specific exercises can be easily and quickly prepared also for these languages. Additional word lists will be published in future.

All exercises that are not word specific can be used independently from the language in which the text is written (Cloze-Test, C-Test, Scramble exercises, Crossword puzzles, Word search etc.). This is because to mix the sentence halves of a Danish text or to produce a word hiding exercise with Swedish words does not require a complete linguistic analysis. So LingoFox can be used also for Dutch , Swedish, Czech, etc.

The Concept

We have created the Foxfiles page, where analyzed texts can be downloaded for free, in order to offer to our users the chance to quickly prepare exercises without having to worry about the analysis. In order to have a vast selection we invite our users to put their analyzed texts at the disposal of those who are interested.